Sunday, 25 July 2010


Hello all,
This is my new bag! You may be wondering: how did you get it? Well, let me tell you:
Not so long ago, I, for some reason, found Martin's tumblr and I checked out his portfolio, blog, and flickr. I think I then send him some sort of weird message telling him how much I loved all the things he made and that he was my new hero, or something like that. And he turned out to be really nice and we emailed back and forth and talked on and stuff and then he suggested to trade totebags. A little later we decided that we would trade a totebag and a summer mixcd.
So when I found this in my mailbox a few days ago, I literally ran upstairs:
And opened it:

Inside was yet another package:

And inside were the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I was so happy. We wanted to trade totebags and this is what I got :D

This is the CD, really pretty.

And the music on it is really good as well :D And there is a song called 'Bobby' on it! hehe. Made me really happy.

And this is another picture with my feet.

Some other news: I just had my last day of work at H&M, I feel kind of sad about it because I had some really sweet co-workers and I will miss having them around pretty much every day.
On the brighter side, I am going to France for a week of vacation with my parents. My train leaves tomorrow morning.

Love, Bobby

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I've never really showed you any of my graphic works I think? apart from the Pony Kids poster. So here we go. (not really in any specific older although it goes somewhat from newish to oldish, and description under each photo).

some 'alternative filmposters' I made somewhere this year. You probably should've watched the movies to 'get' them completely. And I recommend them all!

I made a birthdaycard for someone and then started playing with these 3D object in photoshop.

I got paid for this! hehe. It's a logo I made last summer. The idea is that they 'zoom in' on certain things, hence the simplified magnifying glass. And because the interact with people, I made the e's look at each other. They liked blue.

An invitation for a party my parents gave for my uncle and aunt. The thing you see is a bridge and a timeline. The bridge is in the place where they met each other (rotterdam), the map in the background is from Rotterdam as well.

In high school we had to make our own political party and our was called 'mens' (human being) and I made the logo and the flyers (there are more, and there is a program and a video, all in this style). We were extremely social.

The newyearscard I made for 2010. We printed them out and wrote something personal on the grey part. Or just our names.

Just a little something I made when I had these lyrics stuck in my head.

A 'yay we're moving in with each other'-card I made for some friends of my parents. I blurred their contact information.

Another little something I made.

Another idea for the happy2010 card. But my parents didn't like it.

Lay-out for a website. I don't think I've ever used it.

Another website lay-out. I have used this one for a while.

A wallpaper.

Another wallpaper.

Yet another wallpaper, this is one of my oldest. But I still quite like it.

And another wallpaper. It was meant to be more of a joke, but it took me hours hehe.

So, that's it. I hope you liked it. And you can always hire me if you want! Which sounds a bit weird, but you know what I mean.

Love, Bobby

Saturday, 3 July 2010



Everybody keeps saying that they can't do outfit posts because they can't really wear anything. I do because I'm stupid like that.
And because everybody seems to be doing it, I made a video. Also because I'm too lazy to get outside with my tripod.

American Apparel double-coloured tights // bananaskirt made by my mum // Hema yellow undershirt // River Island bodysuit (I wear this all the time, I know. But it's the only wearable thing with this weather, also, it goes with everything and keeps my tights up) // Florence and the Machine Lungs necklace // Zipper shoes.

Love, Bobby

p.s. I got the song that's playing from here. And make sure to check out the rest of his blog and his portfolio because he's amazing.
p.s.s. I don't know why I put that hat on in the end, but I did.

Friday, 2 July 2010


I made this poster :D The wonderful Edel asked me to make a poster for the Pony Kids night she and her friends organized. And I was really happy to participate. I made a few posters and they chose this one to get printed / use for the facebook page.
I like how it looks like the pony is fucking the ball and looking all sexy at you. I didn't intend to make it look like that, but it just happened. And note the highlights I gave her!

Another thing: is there anyone who'd like to take me to an Amsterdam International Fashionweek show? please please please please? I'll probably go downtown, but I'd love to see a show. So if you happen to think: "oh hey I still need some one as a plus one for that and that show, or: Oh hey I have tickets for that show but I can't go, what to do with my ticket?" WELL, I'm here! I promise to behave. And if you must, you can even pick out my clothes, so that I don't look like a fool.
Okay thank you.

Currently sitting here in my underwear in the dark because it's so hot and I'm trying to cool down so I can wear my twocoloured tights in half an hour for work. I need more summerclothes, everything is too hot or too dark.

LOVE, Bobby