Friday, 2 July 2010


I made this poster :D The wonderful Edel asked me to make a poster for the Pony Kids night she and her friends organized. And I was really happy to participate. I made a few posters and they chose this one to get printed / use for the facebook page.
I like how it looks like the pony is fucking the ball and looking all sexy at you. I didn't intend to make it look like that, but it just happened. And note the highlights I gave her!

Another thing: is there anyone who'd like to take me to an Amsterdam International Fashionweek show? please please please please? I'll probably go downtown, but I'd love to see a show. So if you happen to think: "oh hey I still need some one as a plus one for that and that show, or: Oh hey I have tickets for that show but I can't go, what to do with my ticket?" WELL, I'm here! I promise to behave. And if you must, you can even pick out my clothes, so that I don't look like a fool.
Okay thank you.

Currently sitting here in my underwear in the dark because it's so hot and I'm trying to cool down so I can wear my twocoloured tights in half an hour for work. I need more summerclothes, everything is too hot or too dark.

LOVE, Bobby