Friday, 29 January 2010


1 follower for every post I made. haha. Now I'm fucking it up by posting this. I don't care.
Today I cycled to town. Yes I did. Once I stepped outside it started raining. go me.
I discovered all these new shops. And went into all the big male stores to find a present for my little brother. He turned 15 1 hours and 19 minutes ago.
I also visited a really expensive store and all the women looked at me with faces that screamed: "you are such a loser, you can't afford this!" I couldn't. 300 euro for a cardigan! oh my. I touched all the fabrics though. ha. lovely.

Then I went to the Westergasfabriek, where Amsterdam International Fashion Week is. I was sad because there were all these pretty girls with long skinny legs and cool looking guys and ladies. And I couldn't go in.
I will write about AIFW tomorrow or saturday or so. This was a useless post.

Love, Bobby

Monday, 25 January 2010



This weekend: Saturday shopping, sunday Top Gear Live show for my brother's birthday.
I bought a jacket, a t-shirt and a pair of trousers. I'm not sure about the trousers yet, because they're really chique. But I loveee the jacket. You can't see it, but the fabric is amazing, really soft and warm and it fits with basically everything.

H&M Jacket and skirt, WE t-shirt, HEMA tights and socks, my mum's shoes, DIY earrings and necklace

And here is a picture from the Top Gear audience. It was rather funny. The best thing though, was going to the toilet. There was a huge queue at the men's toilets and no queue at all at the lady's. haha. so good.

Love, Bobby

p.s. omg hahaha. Found pictures of last year. When I was still charming. Ahum. Had so much fun that day. One of the best days of my life for sure. So the thing was, it was our graduation and everybody could play soccer with the teacher. I can't do anything sports related and sanne can't either. Laura had something with her knee, so we decided we could be cheerleaders haha. so much fun. Sanne is the one with the zebra print, I have leopard-ish print, laura has dots. Loikie has lightblue shirt and Pino darkerblue.

Monday, 18 January 2010


Hello all of you 19 followers and maybe a few other people,
There is something I would like you to ask. I got inspired by a text from a 'magazine' I bought in Germany a little while ago, it's called rosebud:

"Imagine. One day you receive an envelope that contains a book.
You are curious.
You discover a secret.
A roll of film is hidden in a small hole in the middle of the book.
The piece of paper around the film roll reads:
'Have this film developed within the next few days. You will discover essential information about the fourth issue of +rosebud - "ACTION". The machine has been set in motion. There is not much time left. But you can still intervene."

When I read this, I thought: yeah, it would be cool to get a roll of film in the mail, develop it without knowing what will come out of it and having your own little photopresent.
And I thought, why not do something like this? It would be like having a penpal, but with pictures. A picturepenpall.

With this project I think it would be nice if I could get at least 4 people or so and we could all shoot a roll of film (it can be with a disposable camera as well) and then send it to each other. Your pictures don't have to be amazingly pretty, they can be of things you like, people you like, pretty places, etc etc.

If you're interested in joining in, please let me know in a comment :).

Lots of love, Bobby

Friday, 15 January 2010


Outfit post, it's a rather boring one, but I felt like making pictures. It's so old outside though! :( Don't mind my stupid face. Oh I have pictures of my new room as well. I'll post them as well.

H&M dress and shoes, My mum's cardigan and tights, DIY earrings

Love, Bobby

Sunday, 10 January 2010


20th post! I'd have loved to make outfit pictures, but it's so cold outside. I don't really dare to get out without my coat, scarf and at least 6 pair of socks. So yeah, that's got to wait. I do however, have some very old pics for you. There are so much better pictures, but they're all on my dad's computer and he won't send them to us. mean.

1. This was my first demonstration. In Amsterdam. I'm the baby in yellow haha.

2. I was cute once.
3. And I've always loved icecream. (probably not always, but still..)
4. My little brother and I. The thing I'm wearing was so cool. Very spring-y. And do you see the red spot on my nose? That's where my brother threw a piece of lego at me. I remember being quite upset about that because you'd see it on the schoolpictures. That was my only concern.
5. This is when I first dyed my hair (it's dark blue, you can't really see it though) and went to the 'kinky hairdressers' and bought this weird secondhand sweater. I thought it was really cool. The kids at school made fun of me, but I didn't really care.
6. I was really proud of this top because it was like a bra haha. I didn't like wearing it under my clothes because it was so pretty.
7. I wore this hat so often. god. Not even funny anymore. This was the time when I wore boysclothes all the time. hence the sweater.
8. My brother and I again. The most girlish thing I wore that period. I don't know why I bought that.
9. When I was 9 or so, my mum always made my trousers. Always the same model and different fabrics every time. This one has two different legs. It's curtain fabric. I was a bit weird.
10. The left guy is my dad when he was younger. They look so cool haha.

11. Last, this is a polaroid of my mum, who looks extremely pretty.

Love, Bobby

Monday, 4 January 2010


Leon Mark. He's amazing and I wrote a little blog about him with lots of pics on Just Because. Check it out. There's lots of cool other things as well. And be sure to keep watching, I'm going to post more amazing people this week.

Love, Bobby

Sunday, 3 January 2010


The Dreamers. You should all watch it watch it watch it. Reasons why:
1. It has three very very attractive people in it who walk around half-naked most of the time. And yes, little mr. blondeguy is attractive as well, most people just don't see it yet.
2. The movie has a great feel to it.
3. They talk french every now and then.
4. I love the story.
5. They have all these cool moviereferences and it makes you want to be friends with them.
6. They're all so crazy and weird. lovely.
6. The dialogues are amazing.

And that's why I have 3 things for you. First is a whole bunch of pictures that won't really stay the same size because I don't understand this blogger thing. Second is a trailer that you should watch. Third is the script. It's lovely. Then there is a secret fourth and that's a quote that I love.

And here is the script: click. And then my fav quote:

I was just.. I was fidgeting with Isabelle’s lighter..
And.. I wasn’t really realizing it..
Then I noticed, and I thought it was rude..
So I put it down on the table.
But I put it diagonally across one of these squares.
Do you see?
That’s when I noticed that the lighter’s length..
Is exactly the smame lenth as the diagonal itself.
So I put it lengthwise, along the outside edge.
Look. It fits there too.
But it fits there.
And it fits like this, and like this..
And this way too.
And I bet you if I just split it in half..
You know, it’s got to fit somewhere.
I mean, it really fits anywhere. Look.
I was noticing that the more you look at everything..
This table, the objects on it, the refrigerator, this room..
your nose, the world..
You realize that there is some sort of cosmic harmony..
Of shapes and sizes.
I was just wondering why. I don’t know why that is.
I know that it is.