Sunday, 25 July 2010


Hello all,
This is my new bag! You may be wondering: how did you get it? Well, let me tell you:
Not so long ago, I, for some reason, found Martin's tumblr and I checked out his portfolio, blog, and flickr. I think I then send him some sort of weird message telling him how much I loved all the things he made and that he was my new hero, or something like that. And he turned out to be really nice and we emailed back and forth and talked on and stuff and then he suggested to trade totebags. A little later we decided that we would trade a totebag and a summer mixcd.
So when I found this in my mailbox a few days ago, I literally ran upstairs:
And opened it:

Inside was yet another package:

And inside were the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I was so happy. We wanted to trade totebags and this is what I got :D

This is the CD, really pretty.

And the music on it is really good as well :D And there is a song called 'Bobby' on it! hehe. Made me really happy.

And this is another picture with my feet.

Some other news: I just had my last day of work at H&M, I feel kind of sad about it because I had some really sweet co-workers and I will miss having them around pretty much every day.
On the brighter side, I am going to France for a week of vacation with my parents. My train leaves tomorrow morning.

Love, Bobby


  1. Such lovely colours and a delightful story as to how you got this !

  2. omgggg bobby hoe gewellllldig en wat een leuk idee zeg!!! ik vind die tas echt zo briljant, haha. wat heb jij gestuurd?:D

  3. the story is WOW
    like all the things
    i love themmmm
    amazing things
    i want it all.

    pd. i LOVE your blog :)

  4. aww!
    such a sweet story. i'm blushed all over. looking forward to open my package :)

  5. i love it!
    i've see your lookbook and it's very cool, can you send me an invitation?
    i'm following you :)

  6. i love the colors of the bag.

  7. Are you from Amsterdam? I was there the last summer! haha love your hair, you remember me a little bit to Tavi Gevinson, one blogger. aha

  8. I like it! If you want, follow my blog too. I've started it a few days ago and I hope I'll have soon more "followers". Thankyou!

  9. A very cool bag, and amazing things!
    Lovely story

  10. this is the most amazing story! (: love love love.

    now following your blog!

    come by mine sometime?