Friday, 31 May 2013


One of those dead birds was found on the birthday of the hero of roadkill photography (and more), Jack Adams. Definitely one of the coolest people I've never met.

Also I dont think you have to go vegan. Personally I would never do it because I quite like cheese and pancakes. But I am wondering a bit about the thoughts behind this protest grafitti. Would it be like: "look at how happy those cows would look if they were just hanging around in the grass. Lets not eat them!" Or maybe like: "Do you think this plastic, square cow looks tasty? This is how all cows look, because they are so modified. So you should go vegan." Or maybe somebody was just a bit high (it is amsterdam after all) and sat on the cows and then fell off because they lost their balance, but then they got very pissed off at the cow for no reason at all, and then wrote "go vegan". And I hear you think that that wouldnt make sense, because if you are pissed off at the cow, you want it killed. But it is more that if we would all go vegan, there would be a lot less cows probably. Eitherway. For whatever the reason may be, I'm glad they did it, because it makes me smile.

Saturday, 25 May 2013


Just one hour biking away from Amsterdam we found ourselves in proper flat Dutch countryside. We spent two days in a tent, making dinner on a small fire, smoking by the side of the lake as we watched the red ball of sun slowly fall in the water (so cheesy, you almost wouldnt believe it could be real). Biking to the touristic cute towns, ending up between the 60+ mass tourists, laughing at the sea, drinking beers in a bar with music and a book of lists, and spending all our 50cent coins in the shower in order to stay a bit warm.
A birthday celebration of sorts. Mostly a perfect escape from busy city life. I just got all my tickets for summerplans sorted. Two short German holidays, one with mountains and one with music.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Lately, a lot of my adventures have been food-related. There has been fish-heads, candy-making, pizza-parties, bitterballen-birthdays, eggs on the side of the road, Dutch-German cheese-tours, salt and pepper from fresh friends in cups with boobs and a giant penis..
And today my classmates had me laying on the floor while they covered my face with blue shit, in order to make a chocolate replica of my nose (this worked out well! We also tried an ear, but that is not so easy. Neither are fingers)..

Friday, 17 May 2013


Two nice German thingies.
Age is something that doesnt matter, unless you are a cheese.
Always remember that.

(Maybe Luis Buñuel said that once, but you can never really rely on websites with so-called "inspirational quotes". But do we really care who said it when it is truly inspirational? Or when it is something that everyone could've thought of? No! Besides, the Luis guy is dead anyways, so he doesnt give a damn if we properly credit him or not. Ha. The rights on this quote are probably long gone, so we can just all pretend I made it up! A Dutch girl who doesnt like getting old, but quite likes cheese? Seems quite logical.)

Sunday, 12 May 2013


Colour-matches from days when I tried to get the spring in my life.

There has been a lot of rain today. Groeizaam weer is what they call it, apparently. A good day to take out your red rainboots and go for short spaziergänge through the "fields" (patches of grass) and pick flowers that you cant keep because it makes your nose itch, but that's okay.

Monday, 6 May 2013


The blog is a bit silent, and I am not taking so much pictures anymore. But life is good and exciting. Healthy living and enjoying the sun, good books, good food, good people, good chairs. I still get sad, but it ain't like before. (Jonathan, what's happening?)