Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Greetings citizens.

We are living in the age where the pursuit of all values other than money, success, fame and glamour has either been discredited or destroyed.

We don't do, we just are! That, and don't dream it, be it.
It doesn't matter what you look like! I mean if you have a hunchback, just throw a little glitter on it honey, and go dancing!

See you at the introcamp where we're going to party our asses off!

This is pretty much the letter I got for my introductionweek on my new school.
I'll have to make a New York Club Kid outfit. I watched Party Monster (which I love love love, watch it if you haven't already) and screencapped lots of outfits for inspiration.
The outfit I'm going to make will be YSL inspired. There's going to be green, blue, white, lots of glitter and big birds over my body.
Yesterday I went shopping to get my fabric and some clothes. This was fun. I visited Victor's store (Bij Ons Vintage, if you're in Amsterdam you should definitely go there, it's full of lovely things) and he had these amazing amazing boots:

haha I love them so much. And I tried on lots more ugly stuff and ended up buying the boots, a bathing suit and some earrings and then in another store I bought some bright blue jeans shorts.

Now I'm trying really hard to get this sewing thing right, it's not so easy as it may seem.
I'm really excited. I got the email kinda late, so I have to do this all quick quick quick, but hopefully it's going to look FABULOUS!


Saturday, 21 August 2010


Paris was most wonderful. It's such a relaxed and lovely city. I can add it to my list of favourite cities.
I made pictures, but I still need to put them on the computer and blahblahblah. I'm trying to pack now, so I'm surrounded by boxes, stuff with no destination and clothes.
I didn't buy very much in Paris: highwasted jeans shorts (5 euro), party dress (10 euro), leather bag (10 euro), tights with a ribbon on it (7 euro). so cheap :D. Erhm. I made some crappy webcam pictures of the shorts and the bag.

Right, I'll finish packing now.

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Hello lovelies,
This is my 50th post, so yay. Little celebration. More good news: I found myself a room in Eindhoven. It's not the most ideal room, but it's rather cheapish and I have some nice flatmates (There is this one boy who studies architecture!) and I have a place to sleep. So all is good.
Then, France, I made quite a lot of pictures, so I'm going to show you a few. Basically we just spend our days eating, reading and sleeping and then the last day we visited paris. I really enjoyed it. My mum is taking me for a three day shopping trip to Paris this wednesday! Because we only got to see the tourist points and my dad and little brother hate shopping and it was raining.


Look at the little kitty

Soap shaped as cupcakes and pie. It smelled wonderful.

PARIS - Architecture

I want to see this exhibition

Because of the lowlight and my Nikon dying right as we entered the Louvre, these above images (4) turned out a bit shit, I am sorry.

The Eiffel tower was pretty impressive and it was extremely busy and they had cool army guys hanging around.

This is actually a personal favourite.

PARIS - Stores

These Prada dolls were so amazing. The whole building looked amazing. It was a bit of a shame that we were there after closing time, so we couldn't really get inside.

PARIS - Sad times

Right. Done. I hope you all had a wonderful vacation!
Love, Bobby

p.s. if you have a tumblr, you should definitely follow wunderkin because we post amazingly pretty stuff. Jo (tumblr, blog) made it and I am co-poster.