Tuesday, 30 August 2011


My dad takes a lot better digitals than I do and sometimes he likes to take pictures of us as well.
For the second picture, my mum and I had to sit absolutely still for 2,5 minutes which was terrible because everything started to itch.
(Mainly just posting this because I feel so incredibly awesome with this jacket+hat combination, like I'm the queen of the world)


In an empty room, not quite able to say goodbye to the posters and pictures on my walls just yet, I listen to this, thanks to mr. bladzijde for passing it on.
We saw Leipzig, New York, Las Vegas, Rotterdam and China and sat down to enjoy the view. When I came home I couldn't speak anymore.

Monday, 29 August 2011


I feel sick, but I'm seeing Lotta today, after way too long. I hope we will still recognize each other.

Sunday, 28 August 2011


Shell beach is 10 meter deep and all shells. It's beautiful, not so comfortable, but beautiful. The button shows a naked men repairing something at the telegraph station, the story goes he is naked because he had to swim to get there and didn't want to make his clothes wet, but the big question is: why is he wearing boots? He probably just likes to be naked.

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Say hi to my little brother, Pepé.


On our last day in Australia with a dress bought in Melbourne.
I am doing the first part of moving to the attic. I want nice music, preferably electronic things that make you dance. You can send it to me if you like.


Indoor-picnic with yummy yummy delicious food (made by Sanne) and lovely sweet friends ♥
Also a very beautiful and tasteful cake made by Sanne's magic hands.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I can go back to school soon. But first introduction camp tomorrow where I will take pictures of new 1st years and wear silly outfits and have fun and dance a lot. yay.
The past few days have been so good. I am extremely happy. I saw friends and my bike is fixed and everything is good and we're going to sweden in october and a;sdkf. I promise not to talk so much anymore here. Bye.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Magic in Eindhoven: 24 hour sliced bread machine next to the art rental centre and the organic supermarket, right behind my house.


Yesterday I thought it was smart to run up and down Perth's Jacob's Ladder (241 steps or so) two times even though my usual workout limits to 7 minutes cycling to school. You can imagine my legs hurt a bit, 30 hours of airplane travelling didn't exactly help, so I devoted today to lying in my bed.
Taking the train through dutch landscape made me miss Australia already. It's ugly here.

Healesville seemed empty but they had a lovely brewery where we drank yummy cider / beer / coffee and where the people were nice and gave me a pretty map to make a book from. And if I would ever consider washing my clothes somewhere other than home, it would be in Australia.

So much talking. I might as well say I have 5 rolls of films to develop (1 for every week. I'm quite proud) so you can expect tons of pictures of my brother and the sea.

Friday, 19 August 2011


We've spent a lot of time on several beaches and now we're in Perth in a terribly big hotel room for our last night in Australia, then we'll have a 5 hour, 12 hour and 1 hour planeride to go until we're back home. Exciting!

On another note, I've been killing all my favourite totebags this holiday, I had to stitch them all a few times, but it's alright, they're getting used well and they like carrying my camera, sunscreen and shoes.


Saturday, 13 August 2011


Today we did a coral-tour and saw Yves Klein - blue fishies. Did you know there are certains kinds of fish that are all female with one man and then when the man dies, all the females turn male and fight who is the strongest, he stays male and the rest of them turns female again. Crazy little things.
We have to get back in a week. Just now that I'm getting used to this bloody heat.
But I'm incredibly excited to see everyone again and go to school <3

Friday, 5 August 2011


We named him Charles, he was quite sad.
There are so many amazing animals here and we already saw a lot of kangaroos. Today we lost all our food because they took it when we crossed the border to South Australia, my dad told the guy that if we'd do such things in Europe, there would definitely be war. He just said: "That's why you have mad-cow disease."
We have come to a point where we just see endless endless nothingness and it can be quite depressing at times. I don't think I would like to live here. 200 km between villages and they both consist of 10 people. in between there really is nothing at all, just one road.
It's very warm though! So this is good.
Okay. Bye! xx