Monday, 15 November 2010


I feel like I'm re-living my childhood. Doing the same things. Note the birdhouse in the topcorner.
That was an amazing house we lived in, I spend my entire childhood making stuff. We would make a dollbed, or a birdhouse or skateboard ramps or just loads of paintings. We had a huge workshop (my dad was still a furniture maker back then) where we could hang around in our old clothes and there was always something to do. I'd like to have a house like that when I'm older and when I have kids.

This is my last day of LAB, then tomorrow I should be finished. I'm glad. Looking forward to dressing normally again, watching movies, seeing my friends and sleeping.

Got one chair finished, you can actually sit on it. I'm proud. I'll show pictures later on. Now finish this bean that I am making.. And some more stuff. yay.

Lots of love,