Friday, 19 November 2010


Yep I passed LAB, I'm really happy.
Now finally some free time. My birthday is on monday so yesterday I had an early birthday party in Amsterdam, which was really nice (and I got photographed for vice, so I felt loved again, in eindhoven they just stare at me when I wear something weird). Tonight friends are coming over and sunday some family and monday the second half of the first semester starts. Quite excited.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend and week.

Oh and something else:
If you maybe want to exchange packages with me, just let me know :) Now that I dont have to be in school from 9 - 10 anymore, I'd like to make more personal stuff and keeping it all to myself is boring, so I could send it out. That's even more fun if you receive something nice in return. Anything will do.



  1. I'd L O V E to exchange packages! I always wanted to do it, but I never got the chance!

  2. wat zou er zoal in een pakje kunnen zitten?=))

  3. CONGRATS BOBBY! On your B-day and passing the lab! We should all send you packages today! :)