Friday, 12 November 2010


This is me by Martin (flickr / blog) in his room in Sweden.

This is also the outfit I've been wearing pretty much nonstop. My new motto: as long as it doesn't smell and it has pockets, it's fine by me. It's funny how I've changed. Last year I wouldn't dare to go out without a perfect outfit and my hair and make-up done, while now I just don't care anymore if I'm covered in dust or plaster because it's bound to happen anyway and everything that comes into the mechanical workshops (where I spend my entire day from 9 till 10) will come out dirty anyway, so it doesn't make sense to wear something clean every day. hihi. Also, these Zara pants are the most comfortable thing on earth. I love them.

These days I listen to: Palpitation, Fleet Foxes and Warpaint.


  1. I also used to be a person who never left the house without checking my hair and outfit combination at least five times. However recently I've been incredibly poor and not able to buy any new clothes or shoes & it really did something to my vanity. I like it much better now - killed the materialist.

    You look awesome anyway.

  2. i LOVE this!