Saturday, 29 May 2010


Hello lovelies,

Mykrolab_ was lovely. I went there with two friends (Sanne and Liza. Sanne got a bit mad at me: "Bobby! You didn't tell me everybody would dress in black and look so stylish. I would've dressed differently, I feel uncomfortable now." oops.)
I really loved the exhibition. It looked so amazing, all these huge black/white pictures lined up on the walls. And everybody who was there looked amazing as well. I am so proud to be part of something like this. It made me really happy.
I've made pictures but they're a bit shit because I felt weird for taking pictures :P I made some with my Diana as well, but I'll develop them on monday and then hopefully I can scan them in next weekend.
Anyways, this is what I can show you for now:

Oh hey that's me up there, in the corner (I could've made a R.E.M. reference but I chose not to do it, because.. well I don't know why. I'm going to listen to the song now!)

I don't know if I've said it already, but all the portraits are made by Wouter Vandenbrink. He makes amazing pictures and he's a lovely person as well.

Today I had to take pictures at a 50th birthday party on my old high school. It was fun, I could borrow my dad's Nikon D300 and his flash. I think I'm going to save up for a flash like that (not exactly the same, but a little simpler and cheaper version) and a new body for my nikon. I can hopefully get one for 100 euros. Because my body just takes a day off every now and then and then it deletes all the picture I'd made and it's annoying. And the flash would be so cool. I could make amazingly pretty portraits. Anyone who wants to model for me when I have the flash?

That's all,
Love, Bobby


  1. Hmm ik vind het ook altijd stom om op zulke momenten foto's te maken ;)
    Het ziet er in ieder geval gaaf uit, en jeetje, wat teken jij mooi! X

  2. Ziet er mooi en leuk uit allemaal!

  3. Those are really cool portraits.

  4. Jaaaa, ik had ook allemaal verhalen gehoord over Moke van 'ze zijn super arrogant' enzo. Maar toen heb ik documentaire van ze gezien op tv, en in die documentaire kregen ze te horen dat ze op Pinkpop mochten spelen dit jaar. En ze waren er zooooo blij mee en ze zeiden allemaal dat ze nooit gedacht hadden dat ze zover zouden komen en dat ze er vol van zouden genieten.
    Dus ik ging al zo blij erheen van, aaaah, dit is waar ze zich zo op verheugd hebben. En na het optreden zag je ook backstage beelden waar ze elkaar in de armen vlogen na het optreden dus ik was wel heel tevreden:) Ik vind Moke leuke jongens:)
    En Florence, die is helemaal geweldig. Jeeeeeeeeetje. Was jij niet naar haar toe geweest in Paradiso?

  5. mooie expositie