Saturday, 8 May 2010



I'm back from Spain. It was most wonderful. Lots of sun and wind. I stayed in the shadows because my sunscreen decided to annoy my skin, which I scratched open blabla. So here I am, a white ghost. But I did get some extra freckles hopefully? Don't put me next to my mother though. Makes it look like I'm adopted.
Anyway. I got myself a Jetsonshaircut and washed away all the black outgrow (that makes it sound so painless. I can tell you, it was not! My whole scalp is dying). And while we were in Spain I saw the frames I've been dreaming of. They're so pretty and light and wow. They're 40 years old and the man who sold it to me was the sweetest man on earth, he started to glow when he sold me the glasses. I need to get glasses in them tomorrow so I'm now hurting my eyes and head.
I made some crappy webcampictures because I'm bored. Better pictures of my beautiful glasses and of Spain will follow soon!
If you've read all of this, 10 points for you!

Love, Bobby

p.s. My family said I look like a sciencefictionfilmgirl with this haircut and that I should get a shiny silver suit and wear shiny silver make-up and pretend to be a robot (it stopped with the silver suit, I added the rest). I'm going to do it. So excited! haha. No I probably won't.


  1. your hair and those glasses, LOVE!

  2. You look perfect. I actually have a silver spandex jumpsuit if you're interested? x

  3. Aw thank you :) Yes! Send it over for a few days so I can dress up a little haha.

  4. I actually read all of it (: And I love your haircut.

  5. i think the haircut is awesome its like a shorter version of johnny ramones. and the glasses are super cute. i just dig your whole look.

  6. spain is so great!

    and your haircut is amazing! perfect in blonde!