Wednesday, 2 June 2010


More drawings! This time the theme is Mykrolab_ because I drew the pictures from Mykrolab_.
This drawing thing is good for me. I started wondering why I found it so relaxing and then I figured it's just like maths:
First you start to think what you want to achieve, then you're going to collect the information you have and sort them out (jawline, eyes here, lips there, nose in between, some ears, hair, neck, shirt), then you're going to find a way to get to your result with the information you have and then you can just start to fill the gaps.
Maybe that only made sense in my head..
Anyways I'm getting better I think, which feels good. The last picture is better than the others, I'm going to show you the process as well (I was so afraid of fucking it up, that I made a scan everytime I got something done :P)

RIGHT. enough talking:




  1. supermooi! i'm impressed :D

  2. Bobby, je wordt hier zoveel beter in.

  3. Die laatste is echt echt heel mooi zeg!

  4. wat voor soort potloden gebruik je allemaal? ik vind ze echt super gedaan!

  5. huuh... die laatste tekening lijkt echt sprekend op een vriend van mij! very nice bob-o! X