Thursday, 20 May 2010


Hello lovely people,

A few exciting things have happened that I'd like to share:
  1. We finished our documentary for school. I will soon try to upload it in HD and possibly with english subtitles. We did it in a week (bad planning) and still got 2nd place, so that's quite good I guess.
  2. I applied for a job at H&M because I need money. Send good vibes my way if you have some left.
  3. I met Sonny Groo a few times. He's one of those people that I admire a lot because he does so many amazing things (MYKROMAG). He's a really kind person as well.
  4. Mykromag has an exposition coming up in collaboration with Streetlab (Mykrolab_) and they're going 'to capture our very creative and lovely friends here in Amsterdam'. And they asked me as well :). The pictures were made in one of the studios that I used to pass everyday when I still lived on the boat (and I'd stare through the window because it looked so pretty) so it was funny to be inside for once. Erhm. The exposition is on 28th may in Meneer de Wit (Amsterdam), so if you're in Amsterdam that day, drop by.
  5. This schoolyear is over completely. I'll never have to go into that depressing building ever again. pfew.
I'm a little lazy, but I have a few picture of Spain that I can show you. I've shot them all in RAW and editted them with NX2, but it's a new program that I've yet to figure out, so the editting process is going quite slow.

Love, Bobby


  1. That first photo is STUNNING. It's really gorgeous, omg submit it to architechture competitions!

    Glad the stress of school is over too!

    What do you use to edit RAW? I need to shoot in RAW really but I'm not sure what edition software to getttt xx

  2. ah, wat een geweldige foto's.

  3. Ik heb de documentaire gezien op je tumblr, heel leuk! Wat leuk dat je bij de H&M gaat werken, ik ook! (weliswaar in Utrecht ipv Amsterdam en ik moet ook nog even aangenomen worden, maar dat terzijde)
    En wat fijn voor je dat je studie afgelopen is! Je studeerde aan de VU toch? Dat is idd een deprimenerend gebouw haha. Je Spaanse foto's zijn echt mooi trouwens! xxxxxx

  4. aww best of luck with the job darling!
    and congratulations on the docutmentary, I cant wait to see it.
    You used to live on a boat? I think I died a little bit from jealousy when I read that, how beautiful?!