Friday, 17 May 2013


Two nice German thingies.
Age is something that doesnt matter, unless you are a cheese.
Always remember that.

(Maybe Luis Buñuel said that once, but you can never really rely on websites with so-called "inspirational quotes". But do we really care who said it when it is truly inspirational? Or when it is something that everyone could've thought of? No! Besides, the Luis guy is dead anyways, so he doesnt give a damn if we properly credit him or not. Ha. The rights on this quote are probably long gone, so we can just all pretend I made it up! A Dutch girl who doesnt like getting old, but quite likes cheese? Seems quite logical.)


  1. As far as I'm concerned that is your quote now and if I ever need to quote it again in my future life you may have all the credit!

  2. absolutely love your photos and blog man