Thursday, 23 May 2013


Lately, a lot of my adventures have been food-related. There has been fish-heads, candy-making, pizza-parties, bitterballen-birthdays, eggs on the side of the road, Dutch-German cheese-tours, salt and pepper from fresh friends in cups with boobs and a giant penis..
And today my classmates had me laying on the floor while they covered my face with blue shit, in order to make a chocolate replica of my nose (this worked out well! We also tried an ear, but that is not so easy. Neither are fingers)..

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  1. oh, nom!

    la zad is a squatted land near nantes, where vinci wants to build an aeroport. since the 70s there's a resident community in the zone, fighting against the police and the trucks, protecting the forest from capitalism. the transnational meeting of the rythms of resistance was there this year :-) i met a few people from netherlands too!