Saturday, 25 May 2013


Just one hour biking away from Amsterdam we found ourselves in proper flat Dutch countryside. We spent two days in a tent, making dinner on a small fire, smoking by the side of the lake as we watched the red ball of sun slowly fall in the water (so cheesy, you almost wouldnt believe it could be real). Biking to the touristic cute towns, ending up between the 60+ mass tourists, laughing at the sea, drinking beers in a bar with music and a book of lists, and spending all our 50cent coins in the shower in order to stay a bit warm.
A birthday celebration of sorts. Mostly a perfect escape from busy city life. I just got all my tickets for summerplans sorted. Two short German holidays, one with mountains and one with music.


  1. so nice!!!
    happy birthday :-)

  2. I love the pictures and your story.

    [Happy birthday!]

  3. that looks very funjoyable. Also, a belated happy birthday.
    PS yr spring looks as miserable as ours, weather-wise.

  4. Oh, that sounds like so much fun ^^ Happy birthday :3