Friday, 22 February 2013


 This morning another quick visit to my new favourite museum in Hamburg. I can never get enough of some dead mice. Especially when they look so cute you want to cuddle them or when they are so stiff they look like lollypops. It may be a bit creepy and not very appropriate to say this, but they almost look kind of delicious.
Besides the mice there are many more amazing things, like the mid-jump-cat, the kiwis, the funny sassylooking thing, the fetuses in jars, the colourful butterflies, the orangutan who drowned herself 5 years a go and is now forever flirtatiously looking at the other orangutan, who is blowing kisses at the lazy jaguar, or the gigantic bluewhale jaw-bone.. I could probably go there everyweek and never ever be bored.


  1. that looks really nice, but i was just drinking my cereals milk and now it tastes weird.

    me gusta.