Friday, 8 February 2013



Two wonderful days in a perfect Dutch weekend with delicious pancakes and coffee and lots of love and being happy. There is no way to not sound sappy with this.
If you find yourself in Amsterdam, I strongly recommend you let the little boat take you to the new EYE Film Museum. Even if you dont like films or museums, you can just be happy sitting on the stairs, drinking coffee and enjoying the view like we did for hours.

& in other news. I passed my German test, which means I am now officially a German babe. But in reality I still feel like a mentally disabled toddler when I try to talk to people, and I still dont manage to always get the lunch I would like and I still get headaches when I spent too many hours trying to understand people.
On the other hand it is also fun to learn a new language. I discover funny words and then try to incorperate them in my stories and then if people look really weird, it obviously didnt work, but if they dont, you just have a new word! And I notice I can enjoy the language in a new way. I have favourite words which I like to use but then friends say only old ladies use these words, but I dont have these connotations so I can happily still use them. And German is the most non-sensemaking language I know but it is also hilarious most of the time. Das ist doch klar wie Kloßbrühe!


  1. Bitte lass uns mehr von deinen deutschen Lieblingsworten hören.

    Ein schönes Wort ist "blümerant".

  2. Congrats, BobbyBlue, you German babe!

  3. I just love the second picture. It has that something, the feeling, like it's from another world or a movie or something. It's amazing how even though I can't see their faces I somehow can feel their conversations.