Tuesday, 17 January 2012


After walking around the garden, I didn't think it could become any better, but it did. We were let loose in the house with the freedom to touch everything, open every door, read every book, do whatever we wanted. The endless amount of rooms were all filled with books, art and a million interesting things. At first I was too impatient, ran from room to room, because I wanted to see everything at once. Walking through the house,  you'd bump into people on the stairs or in the hallways, unaware of one another because we were too mesmorized by the beauty of the place. But the walk to the house had been long and the overwhelming amount of information had to be processed. The rooms filled themselves with sun and slowly we all started to let ourselves sink on soft couches and beds, listening to music, reading or writing. It was almost strange to feel so at home in a house that I'd only entered a few hours ago.


  1. looks dreamy
    and you fit in really well!

  2. wow! the space stunning!
    #2 and #3 have such beautiful light and colors... quite a romantic setting :)
    and the photos are perfect. it's hard to get them like that, indoors.
    what camera do you use?

  3. i'm in love with everything about these photos, bobby!

  4. oh, waar is deze plek? ze lijkt te mooi om waar te zijn ^^

  5. in love with these places and these photos

  6. you're so brilliant, Bobby :-). Gustavus really put in some work in these photos, they're so warm and lovely, reminds me of spending time with my extended family in lovely big houses in Bavaria. I still haven't visited the Netherlands, it's definitely on my to-do list! but I need to go around Sweden and Iceland and Siberia and Switzerland and Austria... xx