Thursday, 26 January 2012


"He told us we could walk to the end of the world before it got dark. Left and then straight on, pass the first dike and then to the second. It was a long, straight road, at first still some houses, but after the first dike there was nothing on both sides of the path, just here and there a lonely scarecrow made out of plastic bags. It was a stormy day and at times we got almost blown off the muddy path. The cold wind cut on our faces, making our cheeks and ears bright red. Our noses were dripping, our toes and fingers numb. We didn't talk much, but the snot dripped from our noses and got taken away by the wind. We didn't care. On the endless fields next to us were leftover potatoes and we could see ourselves walking here after a long day, picking up potatoes to bring back to our family.
When we finally got to the second dike, we suddenly felt extatic. We ran and half-crawled up, fighting the strong wind. We had hoped to see the sea, but saw nothing but emptiness. And it wasn't a disappointment, not at all. We laughed loud, shouted, spread our arms, let ourselves float in the wind. And then we ran, not to the sea, but to the darkening emptiness of the end of the world. Down here it is suddenly pleasantly quiet, just the faint laughter of our friends above us. We sit, lay down, and I'm happy."

One of the happiest moments of my life. Also a pleasant note: I passed the first module, we all did.
Second pictures is taken by Matan with my camera.

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