Sunday, 21 August 2011


Yesterday I thought it was smart to run up and down Perth's Jacob's Ladder (241 steps or so) two times even though my usual workout limits to 7 minutes cycling to school. You can imagine my legs hurt a bit, 30 hours of airplane travelling didn't exactly help, so I devoted today to lying in my bed.
Taking the train through dutch landscape made me miss Australia already. It's ugly here.

Healesville seemed empty but they had a lovely brewery where we drank yummy cider / beer / coffee and where the people were nice and gave me a pretty map to make a book from. And if I would ever consider washing my clothes somewhere other than home, it would be in Australia.

So much talking. I might as well say I have 5 rolls of films to develop (1 for every week. I'm quite proud) so you can expect tons of pictures of my brother and the sea.


  1. really really excited for all of your new film-photos! I already missed them.

  2. Excellent. I actually like travelling around The Netherlands by train!