Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Almost Christmas so I'm wearing my Christmas cardigan a lot and I put some really ugly lights up on my wall, but now that my big lamp broke, it's nice to have some fairy lights in the corner of my eyes. And it makes me feel happy.

Also a picture of my desk. I always collect pretty posters and cards and then put them on my wall.. & of course cards from friends and a few pictures of people / places I love. bigger here.


  1. Nice duck, does it vibrate? And I adore the christmas lights!

  2. it's not Christmas without a chunky Christmas cardigan. :)

    ahhh I spot the postcard I sent you!!


  3. wow, feels so weird to see a picture of myself hanging on your wall. we've never met.
    well, i thought i'd say hi!

  4. Oh really? What is the picture of you then? That's rather funny actually. I can imagine it'd be a bit strange for you.