Saturday, 18 September 2010


There are tons of lovely things I wanted to post about, but then I suddenly had to get home and now I'll just show you some pictures of my cat because she's adorable. Her name is Myjou, she's old, fat and way too scared of everything, but definitely the sweetest cat on earth. She likes bread, lollipops, chicken and my fingers. She also likes cuddling with me, which I sadly can't do to often because I have become allergic to cats somehow. I hope this, like many of my allergies, will pass after a while.

1. looking scared 2. washing 3. covering my favourite shirt in cathairs 4. chilling with paw hanging in the air / shaking hands with imaginary friends



  1. The cutest fucking thing alive!

  2. awwwwwwww that's so lovely :)

  3. aah, wat een cutie! wat stom dat je allergisch bent trouwens! x

  4. Oohhh isn't she sweet! I alwaayss love it when people post photos of their cats, haha!
    Lurvley! xxxx

  5. Awwww what a cutie...!
    She's got such beautiful eyes! * ^ * She looks terribly adorable!!

    I've got a cat too, and he's a fatty just like yours c: But I love him sooo much!

    Also, I hope your allergie is just a temporary thing, so you can start hugging your beautiful Myjou again ; u ;

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  6. I'll go for the: "shaking hands with imagirnary friends" haha, he/she is soooo cute! <33 Awesome blog by the way (: