Sunday, 26 September 2010


Wednesday we had a little trip to Rotterdam to visit a museum for school (Boijmans van Beuningen). First there was quite a boring lecture and then we got to see the museum and then we had to go to an exhibition from Atelier van Lieshout, which was held in a submarine wharf.
Sarah and I spend quite a few hours in the museum first. They had lots of amazing stuff going on. Especially Olafur Eliasson was amazing. I love him. Maybe more about him later, otherwise just google him and be amazed by his geniusness.
Then we went to the ferry that took us to the wharf (so cool). Well the space was beautiful. A very inspiring place and I can understand why you would like to get an exhibition there. But this thing that Van Lieshout created. I don't know.. I just don't agree with it at all.

Basically he says he gave a 'solution' for the future, when there will be too many people for the amount of stuff we have. He took the 'cradle to cradle' idea and gave it his own twist. A twist that sounds a lot like concentrationcamp to me.
So what he showed us, was ways to use humans for everything we do. There were 'slaves' who lived from alcohol and animal food and they were put in big beds and they connected them to pipes that sucked out their feces. There were machines that sort of sucked in the slaves and made them into 'something'. There was some kind of slaughterhouse where all these dramatically opened people hang around. And there was just a bunch of random stuff that didn't make sense.
And it's just.. There was no real idea behind it. It was just 'to shock'. And then you call it art. And it wasn't even well made. It was actually very poorly made. Like he'd just thought: "oh yeah dead people. that could be fun. Quick, let's make thousand of them."
It just made me feel sick and angry.

There were some good things though. He made these little 'appartments' inside a big woman's body, or a womb or a spermcell (because when you're a baby, and still inside the womb/mother/spermcell, you feel most save and it would be nice if you could have that everyday). And those were wellmade as well. It's just that the whole holocaustvibes from the rest made me sick.

So that's a lot of ranting. You probably don't read this. I will show you pictures of some of the 'artwork' and of the building.

This just didn't make any sense. "These are Penises, sizes S, M and L".

This is the machine where they put slaves in. I don't know why. He probably didn't know either.


Female body house

This one was rather cute, called 'the kiss' but again, doesn't make any sense!!!

Talking about cats, I booked a ticket to Malmö to visit Martin, who you may know from the package that he send me and that I blogged about. I'm awfully excited. I'll go there october 28th. And before that I've got some other nice things planned: Dinner in the dark, Antwerp, My dad's birthday (apparently we're celebrating it at the same day he's got the opening of an exposition of his phots. I didn't know that, but cool), Dutch Design week, and school of course! I love school.

Love, Bobby


  1. Hi Bobby!
    I agree with your words. Some artworks are interesting But above all I love the place: is decadent and beautifull. Thanks for sharing.

    Now "Dracula" is in my utopia blog...
    I invite you

  2. Whoa, wat een weird verhaaltje over het 'concentratiekamp' idee!:P Wel grappige afbeeldingen! Trouwens loop net tegen je blog aan en I like it!! Groetjes een medeblogger!