Thursday, 9 September 2010


The pictures from my introcamp are online so I'm going to show you some that I liked and that I think capture the week really well.

This above picture is taken in the Karaoke Caravan, which is the best thing on earth. I think I've spend at least two hours there because it was so much fun.

This was during the games day and we were playing We Will Rock You and I had to be the singer because I sort of knew the lyrics. And still people are talking to me about it haha.
This is when we had a movienight on the field. It was so lovely.
Here you can see Luka doing magic tricks with Sarah (Luka is from Italy and Sarah from England, they're both so nice. Sarah and I had the strangest conversations.)

In the above three pictures, you can see the Club Kids in action during: Conversation, Warm-up and Socks Game.

The dinner was so good! SO GOOD. Best food I ate in my life probably.

Those last few pictures were from the night where we all dressed up. It was such a good party.
Pictures are from here

School has started. It's really nice, we have to do a lot already, but I like it. We start with 'Lab', which is one of the busiest quarters and the most technical. We saw all the mechanical working spaces and we're going to make airplanes and chairs and technical drawings.
This weekend I'm going back to Amsterdam two times. I'm excited because I love Amsterdam and I miss it when I'm not there.



  1. These photos are so amazing!! Love 'em! xx

  2. ah, het ziet er echt gewelllldig uit! je hebt ook echt geweldige outfits aan.

  3. ohhh waitttt
    this is just amazinggg
    really nice pictures
    you had fun right?

  4. klinkt goed! :) (en ziet er leuk uit natuurlijk, maar sommige foto's had ik al op tumblr gezien) wat ga je doen in Amsterdam? x

  5. beautiful photos!
    I like your blog!
    We could be followers each other, what do you think?