Saturday, 21 August 2010


Paris was most wonderful. It's such a relaxed and lovely city. I can add it to my list of favourite cities.
I made pictures, but I still need to put them on the computer and blahblahblah. I'm trying to pack now, so I'm surrounded by boxes, stuff with no destination and clothes.
I didn't buy very much in Paris: highwasted jeans shorts (5 euro), party dress (10 euro), leather bag (10 euro), tights with a ribbon on it (7 euro). so cheap :D. Erhm. I made some crappy webcam pictures of the shorts and the bag.

Right, I'll finish packing now.


  1. I want those shorts!! :D amazing outfit. I'm really craving some pattered items right now but I need to sell some stuff before I can even think about buying more clothes :(

  2. I like your bag a lot.

  3. hehe i have a lace top like that. I love it because it can be dressy, or you can wear it with shorts and make it look badass like you did :P

  4. A very chic bag!!
    Paris forever ;)
    Regards from Spain.

  5. aah wat leuk allemaal! (en zo lekker goedkoop!) hadden jullie nu beter weer? xx

  6. @Karijn, ja we hadden nu veel beter weer. Het was heeerlijk. Eigenlijk best wel perfect. De laatste dag was het wel wat heet, maar toen zijn we toch vooral in het museum geweest dus dat was niet zo erg :)