Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Spring is finally here and it feels like summer. Picnics in the park and late-night walks through the city. Lovely. Tomorrow I'm going to Spain for a week because my mum turned 50. Instead of packing my things like I should, I custimized a bag with Florence and the Machine lyrics. Pictures below. And you can see my new (way too expensive but oh-so-pretty) blazer.

I think I'm going to do more of these bags, because I like doing it and it helps me practice my not-computer skills.
If you happen to want one (with a design of your choice) , just let me know and I can send it to you and then you can send me something nice back (anything will do, just a simple card with some sweet words will make me happy).

Love, Bobby


  1. heel, heel leuk! Ik wil er wel een hoor! Moet nog even iets verzinnen voor erop dan ;)
    Veel plezier in Spanje!

  2. I love that bag, I would gladly send a package back! My email is on my profile page, mail me if your interested. x

  3. oh, how sweet! i love being visited by mr. postman. so if you want to, please send me something. i don't really care what it is, as long as it has been made by your creative hands! and i promise to send you something back from sweden, created by myself.

    [ ander.carl [at] ]

  4. jaa lijkt me super gaaf zo een tas! Ik weet ook al iets nais voor erop :)

    veel plezier in spanje. x
    ales jonkhout (je kan me vinden op facebook)

  5. Floreennncee, jeej! Erg toffe tas (-:

  6. Waar is je blazer vandaan? Ziet er echt supermooi uit! Ik wil een foto van dichterbij zien! :-)

  7. Oh Florence! Mooie tas. Eerst getekent met potlood?

  8. ha. found your blog :)

    lovely bag ♥