Friday, 23 April 2010



Some good news. I've been applying to Art Academy (Gerrit Rietveld in Amsterdam) and Design Academy (in Eindhoven) this week, and the weeks before that I've worked hard on the assignments I had to make and my portfolio. I haven't heard anything of Art Academy yet, but they accepted me at the Design Academy! I'm awfully happy because it's such an amazing academy and I think I'll fit there perfectly. This will mean that I'll have to move to Eindhoven.. But well, it's only for 3 years and then I might be able to do my master in London or New York (!).
Well I wanted to show you my assignment for Design Academy. I had to make a 'life size mobile' (not the phone), and it had to be in relation to your own body. I made some lists and came up with a few things:

- The body has round, long and angular shapes
- The body has the number 1, 2, 5 and 10
- The body is always in balance but can move around
- There are three types of joints in the body
- My mind is more complicated than my heart

I tried to get these all into my design. The biggest box is my heart and it has a heartbeat coming out of the speaker. The other boxes are my mind and the biggest of those has the sound of people talking coming out of the speaker.

I'm actually really proud of this, because I think for the first time making a real 3D piece, this is quite good.

OH and I'm going to try to make the MiuMiu collar with the naked woman! I'm so excited. I hope it'll work out the way I want it too and then I'll show you pictures.



  1. That sculpture peice is amazing! I mean, really - amazing. I'm so glad you got accepted!!

    Show me photos of the Miu Miu peice you do tooo..I really want some Miu Miu print heels now. Argh.

  2. This artwork is incredible, especially considering it's a first time! Well done you :)

    And you have a wonderful blog! I really like your drawings.

  3. wow this is really cool!
    i just found your blog and am already enjoying it!!

    congratulations even tho i don't know you... that's an amazing accomplishment :) cant wait to see more work.....


  4. Wow - your artwork sounds very fascinating. Good luck for your studies! Hopefully they will take you to far and distant places.

    Can't wait to see your miu miu collar! Best of luck

    xx Vanessa