Sunday, 10 January 2010


20th post! I'd have loved to make outfit pictures, but it's so cold outside. I don't really dare to get out without my coat, scarf and at least 6 pair of socks. So yeah, that's got to wait. I do however, have some very old pics for you. There are so much better pictures, but they're all on my dad's computer and he won't send them to us. mean.

1. This was my first demonstration. In Amsterdam. I'm the baby in yellow haha.

2. I was cute once.
3. And I've always loved icecream. (probably not always, but still..)
4. My little brother and I. The thing I'm wearing was so cool. Very spring-y. And do you see the red spot on my nose? That's where my brother threw a piece of lego at me. I remember being quite upset about that because you'd see it on the schoolpictures. That was my only concern.
5. This is when I first dyed my hair (it's dark blue, you can't really see it though) and went to the 'kinky hairdressers' and bought this weird secondhand sweater. I thought it was really cool. The kids at school made fun of me, but I didn't really care.
6. I was really proud of this top because it was like a bra haha. I didn't like wearing it under my clothes because it was so pretty.
7. I wore this hat so often. god. Not even funny anymore. This was the time when I wore boysclothes all the time. hence the sweater.
8. My brother and I again. The most girlish thing I wore that period. I don't know why I bought that.
9. When I was 9 or so, my mum always made my trousers. Always the same model and different fabrics every time. This one has two different legs. It's curtain fabric. I was a bit weird.
10. The left guy is my dad when he was younger. They look so cool haha.

11. Last, this is a polaroid of my mum, who looks extremely pretty.

Love, Bobby


  1. lovely pics :) I like your blog!

  2. haha, leuk zeg. Ook al ben je veel veranderd je lijkt er nog steeds veel op. Als ik oude foto's van mezelf terugzien is het echt 'huh, ben ik dat?!'
    En je hebt een nieuwe header, mooi! zelfgemaakt?
    Ooh en nog bedankt voor je facebook toelichting :) Als ik er ooit de tijd voor kan vinden (er zijn namelijk altijd wel 100.000 belangrijke dingen die ik moet doen, op dit moment valt het hard te ontkennen dat dat school is) zal ik er voor zorgen dat er een profielfoto komt ;)

  3. lovely pictures, your blog is pretty cool :')

  4. leuk gedaan!
    ik ga je volgen. :)