Sunday, 3 January 2010


The Dreamers. You should all watch it watch it watch it. Reasons why:
1. It has three very very attractive people in it who walk around half-naked most of the time. And yes, little mr. blondeguy is attractive as well, most people just don't see it yet.
2. The movie has a great feel to it.
3. They talk french every now and then.
4. I love the story.
5. They have all these cool moviereferences and it makes you want to be friends with them.
6. They're all so crazy and weird. lovely.
6. The dialogues are amazing.

And that's why I have 3 things for you. First is a whole bunch of pictures that won't really stay the same size because I don't understand this blogger thing. Second is a trailer that you should watch. Third is the script. It's lovely. Then there is a secret fourth and that's a quote that I love.

And here is the script: click. And then my fav quote:

I was just.. I was fidgeting with Isabelle’s lighter..
And.. I wasn’t really realizing it..
Then I noticed, and I thought it was rude..
So I put it down on the table.
But I put it diagonally across one of these squares.
Do you see?
That’s when I noticed that the lighter’s length..
Is exactly the smame lenth as the diagonal itself.
So I put it lengthwise, along the outside edge.
Look. It fits there too.
But it fits there.
And it fits like this, and like this..
And this way too.
And I bet you if I just split it in half..
You know, it’s got to fit somewhere.
I mean, it really fits anywhere. Look.
I was noticing that the more you look at everything..
This table, the objects on it, the refrigerator, this room..
your nose, the world..
You realize that there is some sort of cosmic harmony..
Of shapes and sizes.
I was just wondering why. I don’t know why that is.
I know that it is.


  1. Oh yes, The Dreamers is such a good movie!
    I love it so much.

  2. het is ook echt een van mijn favorieten sinds vorig jaar! wow wat een verleiding eigenlijk

  3. Je hebt aandacht.

    I will watch it watch it watch it...
    Eva Green heeft mijn aandacht en als de blonde jongen de jouwe heeft: 'Delirious' watch it watch it watch it.

    Ik geloof dat "flauw he?" op zijn plaats is.