Friday, 29 January 2010


1 follower for every post I made. haha. Now I'm fucking it up by posting this. I don't care.
Today I cycled to town. Yes I did. Once I stepped outside it started raining. go me.
I discovered all these new shops. And went into all the big male stores to find a present for my little brother. He turned 15 1 hours and 19 minutes ago.
I also visited a really expensive store and all the women looked at me with faces that screamed: "you are such a loser, you can't afford this!" I couldn't. 300 euro for a cardigan! oh my. I touched all the fabrics though. ha. lovely.

Then I went to the Westergasfabriek, where Amsterdam International Fashion Week is. I was sad because there were all these pretty girls with long skinny legs and cool looking guys and ladies. And I couldn't go in.
I will write about AIFW tomorrow or saturday or so. This was a useless post.

Love, Bobby

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  1. Ik was binnengekomen omdat iemand die ik via via kende nog een fotograaf nodig had om haar te helpen bij het bloggen voor! puur geluk dus, suze (hold-in-your-breath) haat me ervoor, hihi. Wat rot dat je niet naar binnen kon, ben je naar Downtown gegaan?

    Je comment over de punkers in de krakersdemonstratie was trouwens echt een mooi voorbeeld, kon er wel om lachen, en was precies wat ik bedoelde.