Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I have been living like a little nomadic girl for the past two weeks. Traveling all over the Netherlands and a trip to English countryside. I enjoy seeing all these wonderful people and places, but now I'm as tired as can be and am also very much looking forward to sleep in my own bed again and have quietness around me. One can only travel for so long. Like people with travelsickness need a stable point to focus on in order not to get sick, I need a stableness to go back to every now and then in order not to get nervous and itchy.

Ungeduld von Goethe

Immer wieder in die Weite,
über Länder an das Meer,
Phantasien, in der Breite
schwebt am Ufer hin und her!

Neu ist immer die Erfahrung:
Immer ist dem Herzen bang,
Schmerzen sind der Jugend Nahrung,
Tränen seliger Lobgesang.


  1. Such beautiful light in those photos! Xxx

  2. that's really nice! me, i feel that need to travel right now.

    1. Amazing light :)

      resting in your own bed after being a long time away is priceless*

  3. Oh de engelse countryside, altijd mooi daar! ik hou zo veel van Engeland ^^ wou dat ik al terug kon gaan...