Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Oh the grey of this city is too much to bear
but I feared it even more when I saw it didn't last

Someone once told me he thought Hamburg was one of the greyest cities in the world. And maybe this year it was even greyer than usual. In 2012, Hamburg received the least sunhours in Germany and it is said that this has been the greyest winter in at least 60 years. Usually a German winter can enjoy about 150 sunhours, but this winter we had to do with a little more than 80 hours of sun.

When bad things happen to a family, people always say it will either tear them all apart, or make their bonds even stronger.
When winter falls over Eindhoven, I feel as if the arms that hold us together, start to shake and shiver and lets us all fall in pieces to the cold ground, but those same arms in Hamburg seem to just hug even tighter and tighter.
I don't want to leave Hamburg behind just when the summer is going to start, and I am not sure if I want to go through such a grey winter again next year, but I think being hugged by strong arms, even if they are the greyest arms in the world, is always better than slightly less grey arms who just let you fall.

I am seeing good friends in Eindhoven today, but I am hiding inside for a little longer, because the streets there are covered in snow. I hope spring will come and say hi to me again when I say my (temporary) final goodbyes in Hamburg in two weeks.

(the lyrics from Laura Marling, slightly changed to not get confusion of me putting thoughts in the head of the lovely boy on the second-last picture. And he is the one who gets credits for the final photo.)


  1. nice fotos and good text.
    apart from the context: where did you buy this beautiful bag on the second picture? :)

    1. I just found you blog and i´m loving it!

      i could not live with 80 hours of sun during the winter,i would surely die out of sadness,we are lucky that way in Portugal but sometimes we don´t even understand how lucky we are comparing to other parts of the world*

    2. Aw thank you :) This is a photo of a friend and she says: "Summersale of the Zara two years ago." so I guess it is not so easy to buy anymore now (althouhg maybe ebay). I liked the bag too! xoxo