Thursday, 2 June 2011


This is my new friend Gustavus (or as a nickname: Gustav). He has travelled all over the world with a lovely lady and now he's taking a little vacation with me. Relaxing and getting to know Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Hopefully he'll join me on many adventures to come and maybe we can go to Sweden and Berlin and Russia together.
I have to get film tomorrow but in the meantime I'm just enjoying the amazing feeling it gives to release the shutter. And cuddling him and talking to him. eeeep.


  1. Whi-ee whi-ee whi-ee major camera-geek alarm! hahaha and Amsterdam has already proven to be a little to much for Gustav (very sexy name btw) ;)

  2. I love your camera, 'd like to have some one like you...
    See you soon I hope =)