Saturday, 30 April 2011


In London we drank a lot of coffee, sat around in parcs and watched people. I got educated on British culture (Whitnail and I, crumpets, tea with milk, etc) by my two favourite british girls, and of course we did some shopping.
I bought a lace buttonup, a floral 3-pound dress, fluffy animals that we made into earrings and lobster will turn into a ring, a moodring and Oh Comely. Oh Comely is perfect and full of cute images / illustrations and stories.

My lace button-up has the most beautiful collar in the world, so I made tons of photobooth pictures.


  1. Love that lace shirt, what a collar, brilliant!

  2. Withnail and I is brilliant, one of my faves! And Oh Comely is lovely isn't it?