Saturday, 12 February 2011


We passed the second quarter with fantastic grades (well, of course!) so Lotta and I celebrated it by shopping in Amsterdam. I brought pretty much everything I bought back because I actually have no money but the mintgreen sweater stayed.


  1. Great colors! Looks surreal too. :D


  2. really like this. I'm going to amsterdam next week for a weekend trip. can you recommend something to me I really shouldnt miss? this would be great!
    love, caro

  3. Well there are a lot of nice shops. Definitely go to the 9 streets (9 straatjes). There's a lot of nice vintage shops there that you shouldn't miss. If you like museums you can go to FOAM photography museum because it usually had a cool exhibition and I really like the building. Haarlemmerstraat is also a cool street to walk around. And the big parc (vondelpark) is with good weather, much fun, and otherwise you should go for a drink or a movie in the filmmuseum (it's in the middle of the parc). Talking about cinema's you should check uit pathe Tuschinski cinema, it's between muntplein and rembrandtplein. Just taking a look inside is enough, it's really pretty in there. And if you're there at march 5th, there is M.U.L.T.I.S.E.X.I. in Studio 80 (club at Rembrandtplein) which is always fun I think. 'Trouw' is also a cool club if you want to go partying. And close to Leidse plein are loads of cheap italian restaurants where you can eat 5 euro pizza.
    I don't know. It's really small, so as long as you don't stay in the big shoppingstreets too much, you'll probably be able to find all the fun spots. Have fun! xx

  4. thank you for your recommendations. I'm already looking forward to Amsterdam. /caro