Saturday, 12 June 2010


Hello dear people,
This post will contain pictures of me, as soon as I've got this posted I'll make another post with other things, because it felt wrong putting it all in one post. yeah..
  1. My glasses and me. I have to more but they're ugly anyways and I dont know where I have them.
  2. I have the mykrolab poster of myself and my mum wanted to hang it on the wall. It freaks me out to see my face that big on the wall everytime. And the pictures don't show the impressiveness of it. I'll get it off the wall soon.
  3. some crappy photobooth pictures of my new summer outfit. I don't really know why I post that here.

Vintage dress from Portugal, Madonna H&M tee, bow from another dress, J. Campbell wedges.

Love, Bobby


  1. oh wow
    I always wanted to do that with sunglasses
    cool pictures.

  2. I like your glasses and I think that big print of your face looks really nice. x

  3. ah, ik vind de foto echt heel vet. als ik jou was zou ik hem laten hangen. en je 3d glasses zijn echt briljant.

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