Monday, 1 July 2013


The best thing about Amsterdam is that every cafe has its own housecat. You know how some people always play with their phones while they wait for somebody to finish their peeing, or wait for them to show up or to stop calling with their mum or something.. Well I dont have a smartphone, but I do have a big love for cats, and so in those situations in Amsterdam cafes, I can never really be bored.
The best thing about my room is that I can see a very big part of the sky and that this part of the sky fills itself with balloons on summer nights. They get me very excited.
The best thing about this weather is that you can wear woolen socks and sweaters, but also floaty pants and cheap shoes and no need for a coat.
The best thing about today is that in 2 days I'll have holidays and they will be filled with all the best things in life, I think.

(the worst thing about this scanner is that it gives this awful stripe.. and the worst thing about me is that I'm too lazy and impatient to scan them all in again on another scanner..)


  1. ahah how lovely!

  2. beautiful post. the colors, the situations, you <3

  3. 400th post: the best and the worst. mwah xx

  4. I don't have a smart phone either, I housecat would come in very handy. Get your act together Hobart cafes! Haha. Cute socks too :)

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    good cookings!

  6. house cats in cafes is very appealing for me too :) must visit Amsterdam!

  7. This is so beautiful!Athens is full of cats too:) but i bet the cafes are not the same. Nice Photography btw!:)

  8. i don't have actual actions for the hotcakes formula because i always use my sight as the calculating instrument!
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  9. Hehe, that is brilliant! I wish it was commonplace for London cafes to have cats too!

  10. hehe :) lovely. i like meeting cats that belong to public places. when my friends and i were in amsterdam that summer we didn't meet a cat in a cafe but we did meet a very naughty little mouse who caused a lot of trouble xx

  11. those are the best pants. and the best cat.
    i hope you are well, dear bobby.