Monday, 17 June 2013


Working, escaping, working, escaping. I spend a lot of time staring at my screen, staring out of trainwindows and staring up at windows of houses. The staring up should be kept to a minimum though, because I keep crashing into people / cars / lampposts.
Do you know how sometimes you spend so much time thinking in a certain way, that your brain adapts to this and uses it for other things as well? When I was doing my math-exams a couple of years ago, Everything I saw and heard was instantly made into some kind of graph or formula by my head. Right now I work on patterns inspired by windows and houses, so my mind is now kindly highlighting interesting parts, counting elements and drawing lines over everything I see..


  1. my eyes are so much trained to see in a 'square' for so many taking pictures over the years than i have a camera anxiety and i don't bring one with me..

    i also crash a lot into people and lampposts and even trees :/

  2. Everything I saw and observed was immediately made into some type of chart or system by my head. Right now I work on styles motivated by windows and homes, so my mind is now generously featuring exciting areas, keeping track of components and illustrating lines
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