Saturday, 8 June 2013


I wish I was a fisherman, tumblin' on the seas
far away from dry land, and it's bitter memories
casatin' out my sweet line, with abandonment and love

no ceiling bearin' down on me, save the starry sky above

This song kept playing in my head, as I walked by the water with a fisherman by my side.
The version of Pan I Am is my favourite and reminds me of a night years ago, where they played a show in the smallest venue, for a handful of people, so impressive and so full of energy that it is still on my list of best shows ever in the world. 2008 was not the worst year of my life. Memories of this music go hand in hand with Vrederick's photos for some reason. And it turns out, he is not just a cool photographer, but also a very cool person in general.

1. Schepen onder de kust voor anker, Willem van de Velde (II), ca. 1660
2. Een schip in volle zee bij vliegende storm, bekend als 'De windstoot', Willem van de Velde (II), ca. 1680

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