Sunday, 30 December 2012


(the picture is my ghost in my hamburger school. Taken partly by my dad, partly by my mum; combined by my dad.)

The last post of 2012. Overall it was a very good year for me (a struggly start maybe, but it's all forgotten).

I think 2012 has been mostly about falling in love for me. With people, with places, with thoughts, with sounds, voices, words, letters, work, feelings, dreams.. Little love-affairs. I've been trying to enjoy them for as long as they would last; a few hours, a few weeks, sometimes longer. With falling in love always comes a little heart-ache and sadness, but that's okay. I've felt at home and completely happy so much more often than I ever did before. (maybe not when I was a baby, but kids are so much easier to please).

I can't be bothered to make lists of things I did, places I saw, people I met, movies I watched, etc. Although I've tried. But I met so many many amazing people this year and I'm very happy about that and I don't really know how many of those will read this, but if you do; I'm sending you a lot of love. And it's coming from my toes. That means I mean it. ♥
I hope you who read this, will have a wonderful new year with a lot of love in anykind of way.


  1. i hope you too will have a very happy and amazing new year, bobby ♥

  2. Mooi! Ik wens jou een prachtig jaar toe en blijf je graag volgen hier.