Monday, 5 November 2012


My first mail in Hamburg was very exciting because it was a SOVA-mail from Martin, right after the release-party where I got the fancy bag. And this issue is an especially cool one because Synchrodogs are on the cover and there are lots of really great artists in it. Check it out for yourself! You can get your copy now, for only 10 euro in the bookshop! Or you can get the poster (photo of me showing the poster - skirt not included. made by me!), for only 3 euro! (I hope you read this in a tell-sell kind of voice, because that's how I wrote it. If not. Read it again with the voice.)
Today I got four envelopes in the mail. That is really pretty exciting isn't it! I still don't know how the postman gets into the building, and actually if you do know, don't tell me, because I kind of like having a few mysteries in my building.

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