Sunday, 25 November 2012


Being (at) home in Hamburg. Neatly organized breakfast, amateur haircuts, importing Dutch traditions for German boys. And wooden floors! (one of my favourite things in this house. perfect for bedroomdancing)

Maybe some Hamburgian would like to adopt me as their cat so I can stay in this city forever. Please?


  1. ZIe de maan schijnt door de bomen
    Makker staakt uw wild geraas!

  2. I would!
    because I like your blog and your pictures so much (especially now you're in Hamburg). Maybe we'll pop into each other one day or another and I can tell you face to face ;)


    1. Aww! You're from Hamburg too? If you like, write me on facebook or so ( and maybe you would like to have a coffee some time and then we can be friends! :D I like meeting new people in Hamburg. meowwww. sorry if this is weird. I don't even know if you read this. hihi.