Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Perfect proof that sex sells. I had my midterm presentation set up in the hallway (mistake) and my 'feminine phallus' was the one thing everybody got drawn to immediately, even though I made a bunch of other things as well.
This is not all we do in school, it was just a one-week assignment and the knitting is nice and relaxing. and it's such a soft and fluffy thing. People keep saying I should sell them, which is a bit weird, but you know, I wouldn't mind the money so if you are interested in buying one, just let me know hehe.


  1. It's a very fun "peluche". I can buy something like that. Nice job!

  2. ha ha ha, omg funny!! nice idea!! :D

  3. ahahah awesome!

  4. so brilliant.
    i would definitely buy it if you decided to sell them!