Tuesday, 20 March 2012


During winter they killed my favourite houses, the ones I used to look at from my window. But then snow came and for a while the pink and orange tiles, as reminders of the houses, made a beautiful landscape with the surrounding whiteness. I sneaked in via broken fences and left my footprints in the snow. Now it's spring and they've removed everything, all I see is a big open sandspace.


  1. beautiful with the snow but :(
    i just found out they will tear down one of my favourite buldings (and club) in my hometown. these killing-houses-incidents lately are just sad.

  2. Yay. Thank you for your nice comment. Tell me how you liked them if you tried. In german :)

    The way you write about the houses makes me sad and happy at once. But I definetely like the pictures!

  3. that's sad. but i was looking at the images and thinking how beautiful it was, too!
    it's strange.