Thursday, 4 February 2010


I want to dye my hair white. It will hopefully look like this and then people will think I'm a grandma. yay.
And if it looks stupid, I can always repaint it into something like this:

I'm not going to tell my parents and then they'll be really surprised when I come home. ha. Already excited about that.


  1. Do it! And then post it!

    Haha, it's always great to see parents' reaction to a drastic physical change.

  2. Just so I don't feel like a complete and utterly provincial misfit I will write this comment in english.

    You'll be a lovely nanny and I really do hope that the only reaction your parents will give you will be something like: 'Come on, grandma, let's go and watch the bald and the beautiful while having some tea.' Well, something like that...