Wednesday, 25 September 2013


There are many names for colours. One name for a shade of yellow is Laser Lemon. It is a real great name for a yellow, but my favourite is always mustard, because most yellow things eventually turn into mustard things because of the dirt. And I really like mustard as a food.

At which age do we stop asking eachother about our favourite colour? The question used to rise so often, that it was always on my mind ('maybe purple is my favourite colour now.. or maybe I just stick with bloodred..').

What is your favourite colour?


  1. Ik begrijp precies wat je bedoeld, 'vroeger' toen ik (nog) veel bezig was met wie ben ik en wat vind ik mooi, kwam wat is mijn favoriete kleur er altijd achteraan. Momenteel is het blauw, alle tinten.