Saturday, 3 August 2013


I'm back from a most most most amazing german (and a tiny bit italian) adventure.
These are some of the landscapes that have formed my temporary homeland.

I know photographing landscapes is always a tricky thing, because the pictures never come close to the real experience, and especially with those beautiful green fields and perfect blue skies, it often felt almost too cliché to capture. I usually tend to be a bit sceptical towards postcards and think they are just made up, but how have I been proven wrong! The views I've seen have been even more beautiful than postcards.

So, with the pictures not being that interesting, see this as a sneakpeak into the posts to come. A scenery-sketch like they do in the beginning of movies and books. Fly over the landscape in your mind and then slowly zoom in on one of the houses because there is a naked person sitting on a wooden chair in the kitchen, whipping up some cream.