Friday, 5 April 2013


"Ik ren als een paard naar het licht van het noorden. Hij noemt me Lilith en rent als een ruiter. Mijn tenen voelde ik al een tijd niet meer, maar de snijdende kou van die dag maakte het vuur en de koffie die ons te wachten stonden, des te beter."

A girl dipped her icecream in her hot chocolate while her parents played the games she wasn't interested in.

"Art." They put a large white stone on the table and the father looked annoyed. It looked like a head, but not like his.

Walking all the way backwards, just to not lose sight of the clouds, which kept changing.

There is a game we would play, you hold somebody by their hand and they close their eyes, then you make sure they will have an interesting view and let them open their eyes for a split second. Taking a picture with your eyes.

I do this for myself when I want to remember moments forever. They are more powerful than any real image could ever be.

When the sky shows the world her most beautiful colours, it feels a bit like nature is playing this game with us. Just a split second. Before you know it, it's dark again. But I can still recall the most beautiful skies in my mind.

The song of this post is Le petit Chevalier - Nico

Je suis le petit chevalier,
avec le ciel dessus mes yeux,
je ne peux pas me effrayer.

Je suis le petit chevalier,
avec la terre dessous mes pieds
J'irai te visiter
J'irai te visiter

(I am the little knight, with the sky above my eyes, I cannot be frightened,
I am the little knight, with the earth under my feet, I will come to visit you, I will come to visit you)

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